domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Mistakes Composition 4: Biography

These are some of your mistakes in the last composition.

Let's correct them for Monday 28 January 2008.

(No olvideis poner vuestro nombre en el comentario)


1. Chalize Theron borned in Benoni.
2. She dancing job in New York.
3. She maked very famous films how "Monster".
4. Luis XVI died guillotined in Paris.
5. In New York a job is dancing and to moved to Los Angeles.
6. He played the 1998 a 2001 in River Plate.
7. The Charlize's films are: "That things you do" and "Monster".
8. She born in Benoni.
9.She realize very movies.
10. From six years and to 13 her joined a boarding school.
11. She approved te exam of school of Bellas Artes.
12. Alejandro Sanz touches the guitar, piano.
13. Alejandro Sanz has got a girl (Manuela).
14. She never thinked that happen this.

1. Essay of Fernando Alonso.
2. From small he knew that his future will be the motoring.
3. Most important films of his career are Batman, Ed Wood, and Big Fish.
4. Although there have been many players good at the football...
5. Also played with the Argentina selection.
6. He is a follower of Boca, in whom also played.
7. He have different nicknames in the music world.
8. He always dreamed that was an player of baseball.
9. Beethoven born in Germany.
10. Alejandro Sanz sings very good.
11. Orlando Bloom was born in Canterbury the day 13th of January of 1977.
12. With 10 years, it did his first painting.