viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

Mistakes Composition 2. 2º Bachillerato.

Let's correct the following sentences about your last composition (film review). Remember that they will be included in the following exam.

Write a comment correcting one sentence only.

1. Bruno is a nine years child.

2. The film narrates the topic of the hooligans in the football in England.

3. The film counts the history of Matt Buckner.

4. The film is of the year 2005.

5. The most know actor is Elijah Wood.

6. It is a film violent and exciting.

7. Do you like are in University as this?

8. You are a football player not proffessional.

9. If you were a vampire tha make?

10. My I like very much this movie.

11. A person is sending letters from more there.

12. He died of a disease with 30 years.

13. Where you thinking that this movie was boring?

14. If you want to pass a good moment, I recommend to you this comedy.

15. Finally, say that it is a film of Roman Polansky.

16. It is very interesting and much exciting.

17. The kind of film is of terror.