lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

03. 1st Bachillerato. Mistakes in Composition 1.

These are your mistakes in the last composition.
Let's correct them to learn together.

01. My hobbies are to cook and watching TV.
My hobbies are cooking and watching TV.
02. My dog is called Linda, she's small.
My dog is called Linda, it's small.
03. I hate reptile.
I hate reptiles.
04. My surname is Ramírez Rodríguez.
My surnames are Ramírez Rodríguez.
05. I live in village the Seville.
I live in a village in Seville.
06. I like listen music, meeting friends, etc.
I like listening to music and meeting friends.
07. I have got a dog but I don't like.
I have got a dog, but I don't like it.
08. I like very much music.
I like music very much.
09. I am tall and with the brown hair and eyes.
I am tall and I have brown hair and brown eyes.
10. I like going with mys friends a the mountains for do scale.
I like going with my friends to do practice climbing.
11. I like wearing clothes sports with jeans.
I like wearing sport clothes and jeans.
12. I listen music of much type (rap, pop, etc...)
I listen to music of many types, such as rap and pop.
13. I favourite hobbies is the WWE.
My favourite hobby is the WWE.
14. I haven't got brother and sister.
I haven't got any brothers or sisters.
15. My pather he likes the animals and my mother don't like.
My father likes animals and my mother doesn't.
16. My dogs it names are Nuca, Lucera, Nerón.
My dogs' names are Nuca, Lucera and Nerón.
17. My hobby is playing voleibol.
My hobby is playing voleyball.
18. My name is Rocío and I'm Seville.
My name is Rocío and I'm from Seville.
19. I am large.
I am tall.
20. My name is Manoli and I'm Gerena.
My name is Manoli and I'm from Gerena.
21. My favourites hobbies are listening to music and going out.
My favourite hobbies are listening to music and going out.
22. I don't like see the futbol.
I don't like watching football.
23. I want to be big is a professor of education.
When I grow old, I would like to be a sports teacher.

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2007

02. Some Photos in London.

Last summer I went to visit England with some people. These are some of my photos in London.

01. London: Interesting Places

This video shows the most important places in London.

Let's have a look. Which is your favourite place?

miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Instructions for the blog

Welcome to my blog!!

This is a place for group work for English classes. You will find many activities, songs and links to many interesting websites related to learning English.

Follow the instructions to complete the activities:

1. Task: what you have to do (red colour).

2. Help: tips for the activity (green colour).

3. Links: internet resources for the activities (purple colour).

We know English can sometimes be difficult, SO MAKE IT FUN!!

PS: I welcome all comments on the blog and suggestions. But PLEASE do not write in Spanish!!