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06.1st BACHILLERATO Mistakes in composition 2.

These are some of your mistakes in the last composition.

Let's correct them for Monday 24 November.
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1.The culture of my Spanish.
-Spanish culture.
2. The typicals foods in Spanish is the gazpacho.
-A typical food in Spain is the "gazpacho".
3. In the Feria, the people singing and dancing.
- At the fair, people sing and dance.
4.That's why our culture like to many people.
- That's why many people likes our culture.
5. The party much famouse are the fair and the better fair of Sevilla.
- The most famous celebration is the fair, and the best is the April fair in Seville.
6. In the fairs in the morning the mens riding the horse.
- At the fair, men ride horses in the morning.
7. For the childrens have got a tree whit attraction.
- There is a street with attractions for the children.
8. Hi, I speaking a cultures spanish.
- My essay deals with Spanish Culture.
9. A typical spanish, tradition is the bulls.
- A typical Spanish tradition is bullfighting.
10. The Christmas in Spanih is very similary a the Christmas celebrated in the world.
- Christmas in Spain is very similar to Christmas celebrated in the world.
11. In the day of the magic king, the family make gifts to the boys and girls.
- On Boxing Day, the family gives presents to the children.
12. The Christmas is the festival filled of love.
- Christmas is a festival filled with love.
13. It 24th December to praise the birth of "Jesus Baby" and the familys see for dinner.
- On December 24, the families meet to have dinner together and praise for the birth of Jesus Christ.
14. The day 5th Jenuary, to give present us, because are the "Kings Magians".
- On Boxing Day, the "Three Wise Men" bring presents to the children.
15. The gazpacho is a magnificent food that littles countries having.
- Gazpacho is a great food that few countries have.
16. Doñana is a natural zone very important in the world.
-Doñana is a very important natural zone.
17. The fair April the Seville carry since the 1850.
- The April Fair in Seville started in 1850.
18. The people will eat differents specials foods, for instance:cordero, mariscos, jamón.
- People eat different types of food, for instance: lamb, seafood, and ham.
19. In the "Reyes Magos Day", my family give present between they we.
- On Boxing Day, my family gives presents to each other.
20.The after day every people go to work and at school.
- The day after everybody goes to work and to school.

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04. Intelligent Ads

Let's have fun with a powerpoint slide:

Check the slides and answer: What is the ad about?